Podium Financial Services

Mark Swartzendruber CLU, ChFC

Mission Statement

At the end of prominent athletic events such as the Olympics, Boston Marathon or the Tour de France, successful athletes receive their awards atop a three-tiered podium. Success in athletic events such as these comes through a long term, disciplined approach to training and attention to detail.

My belief is that a good financial plan is similar to a long distance event. Proper planning begins with the ultimate goal in mind and follows a disciplined approach, paying attention to details along the way. The three steps of the Podium process are Protection, Accumulation and Preservation

Protection: The first step of the podium process is suitably insuring the ability to fund your financial goals. It is my belief that the foundation of sound financial strategy is based upon adequately protecting your income producing capability.

Accumulation: Once adequate protection is in place I will advise you on strategies that seek to efficiently accumulate the wealth necessary to fund your goals. My philosophy is three fold. Avoid excessive risk, use proven, professional management and strive to maintain flexibility and tax efficiency. Through periodic reviews with clients I can monitor the progress and efficiency of plans once they are established suggesting changes as needed.

Preservation: Beyond the work of helping clients manage resources in line with their objectives; my business also involves providing service for wealth distribution, transfer, estate and income planning.

Podium Financial Services will strive to learn your goals, and advise you with integrity. My mission is to help you arrive on the top step of the podium at the end of your journey